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Hi, This is regardingmy Erection I am recently married.

Patient: Hi,This is regardingmy Erection. I am recently married and I love my wife. We have sex quite often, and sometimes its everyday for an entire week. Sometimes however I notice that even though I am wanting to have sexmy Erection doesn’t respond as needed. And sometimes even if I am lesser aroused I get hard erections. Since this is unpredictable I am finding it very hard. Please help.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,If you have been getting hard erections inspite of having sex eve ryday the whole week then the issue is not erectile dysfunction at all even if there had been some flaccid episodes during sex.These occasional episodes are likely to be stress induced and hence recommended that you should de-stress yourself before taking to the act of intercourse or spend some time during foreplay before sex.I hope this would solve your problem,Regards



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Patient: Hi.
Yea, but The frequency has been reduced now. For the past 2 Weeks we would have had sex two times.
Is this normal?

Doctor: As you both have been recently married , there is always an element of performance anxiety within which can possibly be the cause of such dysfunctional episodes. Please don’t try to judge yourselves and try spending time together. Also try to spend more time on foreplay before intercourse.

Patient: Thanks a lot Doctor. It is quite hard not to judge myself and come to conclusions. I have already opened up about Performance Anxiety to my Wife and she is quite supportive. However there is always the element of doubt I carryz

Doctor: This is natural to experience and it would be reassuring to learn that you are not alone. This just needs support of your wife who as you said is supportive. You should avoid thinking about it and play it naturally. You should be just fine.

Patient: Thanks a lot Doctor 🙂

Doctor: you are most welcome:)


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