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Hi this may seam weird but me and my girl

Patient: Hi this may seam weird but me and my girl friend started dating on Feb 20 the last time she had sex was on Feb 13 We haven’t had sex yet and she just found out she is pregnant I haven’t went with her to the doctor yet. they said she is only three weeks along is this possible? And she swears she hasn’t had sex with anyone else



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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If the last sexual intercourse was on February 13, she is pregnant and the period of gestation is 13 weeks 5 days and not 3 weeks. It is not possible that there can be so much of a difference in dating a pregnancy.It is better to confirm with a scan and beta hCG levels to be sure about the dating of pregnancy. If it is correctly 3 weeks, then it indicates a recent intercourse in the month of May.Hope this helped.Write back for any clarifications.Regards

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Patient: What if there was some time of delay of conception would that be possible?

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the query
A delay in conception can happen But not stretch beyond 2 weeks. Here there is a lag of 10 weeks which is unlikely to be a delayed conception However, do a beta hcg test to accurately know the status and an ultrasound to date the pregnancy.


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