Hi to all For 4 years i have short ocassional

Patient: Hi to all. For 4 years i have short ocassional stabbing, throbbing pain or sometimes longer aching of parotid gland under ear, usually pain is no longer than 5-30 seconds, sometimes pain is pulsating. Sometimes pain can dissapear fo several monts and wake up without any notice, then pain can be felt several times a day, gland and close area are little tender in those days. No specific action triggers pain and aching. When i press on it it is little more tender than area on other side. There is no enlargment or palpable changes to notice. There is no problem with opening mouth, eating or other actions. I have 25 year and im male.Thank you for your answers.

Doctor: Hi welcome to Ask The Doctors,Just as the pain from earache affects people in different ways, there are a variety of causes of earache. Some of them affect the ear itself, others are from conditions affecting areas close to the ears.There are many causes for it:Infection of the ear canal outside the eardrum (otitis externa)A boil or infected hair follicle in the ear canalEczema in the ear canal (seborrhoeic dermatitis)Injury in the ear canal from objects poked inside, such as cotton buds or sharp objectsBlockages in the ear from plugs of earwax or objects pushed in which have become stuckThroat infections (including tonsillitis) and coldsAs the pain is since 4 long years, you need to consult an ENT specialist immediately.When your doctor suspects an ear infection he or she will look in the ear using an instrument called an otoscope. A healthy eardrum is pinkish grey in colour and transparent. If an ear infection is present the eardrum may be inflamed, swollen or red.Further tests may be needed depending on what the Doctor sees.Hope this helps.