Hi, was wondering if you could shed some light on

Patient: Hi, was wondering if you could shed some light on some problems I’ve been having. I’m 27, 6’1, 85 kilograms and in reasonable shape, I do exercise at least 3 times a week and eat healthy as in hardly no processed foods.I’ve been having a sort of chest discomfort. I would call it a tightness, I can’t really pinpoint a direct location, some times I get a slight tingle/numbness in my left bicep. I’ve been to several gps and even the er. They ran X-ray, heart test, they say they cannot find anything wrong with me.It all started when I was digging fence post in my back yard, and as I was digging I actually discovered buried asbestos and I was infact busting it up while I was digging, few days later I got the pains. Doctors have told me that it takes years and due to this one time exposure I’m unlikely to see any symptoms at all, it’s been 6 months since this incident.Could this be all anxiety or something more sinister please can you give me any information on what this could be, I might add I do drink coffee quite a lot as well could this be a factor?

Doctor: Hi.It is nice to have a typical query when the thought process has to be activated.Chest discomfort like a tightn ess, where you can not pinpoint the location, slight tingle/numbness in left biceps, all the Doctors unable to finds out the reasons in spite of tests. You dig at a buried asbestos, and you got pains after a few days. Wants to know whether this is just an anxiety or something more.I re-read the history and my thoughts are:You have got the muscular and / or costochondritis problems.This is simple to diagnose. The only investigation that can help you an MRI if the Radiologist knows where to look for, otherwise this is a classical clinical diagnosis.I would suggest the following treatment.-Rest to the area by means of strapping with the Adhesive tapes during the deep Expiration phase. This will limit the movement, reduce the pain and give rest for healing to occur.-Anti-inflammatory medicines in full dose as per the weight.-Steroids if required for its strong anti-inflammatory role.-Lasix to reduced the edema.This sort of a treatment helps all my patients. and should help you too.Please discuss with your Doctor and you may get well soon.