Hi Yesterday morning aprox 1030 am whilst just standing chatting

Patient: Hi. Yesterday morning aprox 10.30 am whilst just standing chatting at work I experienced sudden sharp pain in what felt like my left artery in my neck. It went away after 10mims or so. Then at about 2pm the same thing happened. I’ve never experienced pain in my neck here before. I’m a healthy 31 yr old female with good blood pressure etc. what could this be?




Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history.The sudden sharp pain in the arterial region of the neck can certainly be due to nerve affection only unless proved otherwise.You had a recurrence of the similar pain the same day.I would advise the following in such a situation:A clinical evaluation and an actual examination by a Doctor, preferably an ENT or Orthopedic Surgeon can tell the probable diagnosis and may advise the proper medications and investigations like MRI of the Neck and cervical spine if required.Do not worry, the reports of all the tests and physical examination together will tell the diagnosis and probable treatment needed.I hope this answer helps you.

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