Hidradenitis suppurativa problems

Patient: I have hidradenitis suppurativa I had surgery on my right armpit (absses) on 17 June 2014 they left it open as it needed to drain and it still hasn’t closed I have tried to leave the bandage off where I can for the fresh air and sun and it did start to heal and then it popped again and now it won’t stop leaking every time I go to my doctor he try’s to send me to hospital but I can’t keep going to him every time I get a new bump or I’d never leave. I was on minocylin But he took me off cause He said I can’t be on it all the time and now that I’m off I have two open absses on my left armpit that self drained and at the moment I just bandage them I also take vitamin A and zinc as I talked to people who have gone throught this and it helped them I also do a acne/tea tree oil wash it did work as the bumps went down before they self drained. I know that I have to let my wounds heal naturally but why is it taking so long? I also have endometriosis and am on levin ED and was wondering does my endometriosis not help my HS? Or is my pill gonna make things harder?

Symptoms: Leaking, pain