High Blood Pressure and Diabeties

Patient: Hello My mother had high blood pressure for years on average about 170 over 100 She would not take medication About a month ago I bought a glucose test machine for myself and then tested my mother We were shocked to see how high it was (300) She got a little scared and changed her whole eating style She has cut out almost all sugars and limits her carbs We were happy to see her glucose level start to go down within a few weeks 190 We were even happier to see her blood pressure really drop The problem is the last two evenings when she tested her blood pressure it was too low About 100 or 60 Is this ok How can someone who had really high blood pressure for years have it drop so much from just cutting out sugar During the day it is about 130 over 80 She does not go to the doctore so I would appreciate any advice She is a 65 years old

Doctor: I realize your concern about your mother’s health. Certainly High blood sugar and Hypertension are related conditions in in which one affects the other.The high concentration of sugar in the blood damages the lining of the vessels which starts to accumulate fatty substances and calcium, they start to build up in the scarred areas, narrowing arteries and raising blood pressure.If your mother had a diagnosis of high blood pressure and you are certain that she averaged 170/100, it catches my attention that she wouldn’t have been tested for Blood sugar, Cholesterol before. Her blood pressure at the moment in my opinion is not that low, it might went down due to the fact that she lowered her glucose and she might lost some weight too which is another important cause but certainly it would have been too fast for that to be the reason, but I would suggest that due to her high blood pressure and sugar history it might be beneficial for her to have a complete evaluation to rule out possible complications of high blood sugar such as eye or kidney problems. I wish her the best.