High Blood Pressure and Seizures

Patient: My boyfriend was diagnosed with high blood pressure in emergency with a reading of 177 over 122. They put him on ran-ramipril and 4 days later had a seizure. The paramedics said his reading was 154 over 110. Would the seizure be caused from the high blood pressure or the meds. He is 44 years old, slightly over weight, and due to a bad hip does not exercise much. He is also a smoker.

Doctor: I hope your boyfriend is doing better now. While the blood pressure he has is in fact quite high usually seizures are no t common.Sometimes very high blood pressure can cause symptoms of a stroke or transient decrease of oxygen to the brain thus resulting in seizure like activity.Ramipril can cause seizures as a rare side effect.The seizures your boyfriend had could be due to a variety of reasons ranging from metabolic disturbances to infection to epilepsy and definitely needs further investigations.