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High blood pressure associated with allergies 

Patient: Wednesday 23 April 2014 Hi, blood pressure went up the wall, felt my lower right arm went sort of funny, and then I could not get my words out.My husband [Malcolm] rang the GP’s they said to go to hospital. Anyway paramedics came etc and then took me there and I was very nervous as you can guess. They tested me on CT scan of brains, ECG, blood tests etc and all was clear.They now say it could have been a TIA though they think it could be food. But sending me to the TIA clinic anyway to be monitored.Malcolm tested me on the Moo Moo Milk Easter egg and my arm went down like a tin box on kinesiology testing. So it is possibly that, or is it the egg omelette or perhaps the tin of tomatoes we had with it Monday lunch time.. I never get troubles till it wants to come out. Then I get sometimes the BP rises to around 240 and once was covered in sweat and it was dripping off me as I sat in the loo trying to get it out. Once out within a few minutes I was right as rain and back to normal. I am fed up and sometimes when I eat I get worried about it in case I have any problems.But do get fed up analysing my food. Will go to TIA clinic anyway to make sure it is not a stroke. Sometimes I get frightened to eat. I know you will understand that. Oh well they will have to send me to a psychiatrist then? The Doc I saw yesterday said “what on earth does your surgery do with you”. I said “they don’t know”. I showed him the list of what I cannot eat including wheat, gluten, dairy, beetroot, pineapple, herbs, spices, salicylates, aspirin, alcohol, onions etcNo one seems to have heard of this BP going high cos of foods. I did find one person who said all they gave her is BP tablets but once I am normal I am OK. I am still going to the loo too many times but it is and has not been diarrhoea – just soft.Friday 26th April 2014 I am 72 and do have RA, OA, Fibro, osteoporosis, hypothyroid and coeliac. Can you tell me of any books that might help me? Have you heard of this BP happening cos of allergies [using the term in its widest form]? Can you give me any help?I can’t help myself it is hopelessGlennis Rogerson PhD Immunology, ND HD HMD AADP CertEd



Symptoms: as above



Doctor: No, allergies do not manifest as high BP alone. Upon exposure to offending food or environmental factors, allergies may produce skin or respiratory symptoms. With the multiple health conditions that you are facing today, it seems that you are taking too many different types of medications and exercising too much dietary restrictions. This sometimes leads to other systemic complications and subclinical depression. You should get yourself evaluated by a Cardiologist and a Neurologist for better advice and also see a clinical counselor to have a better understanding of your health concerns.

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Patient: My only medications are thyroxin made specially for me to avoid lactose. I also have enzymes that’s it. Last year the BP went sky high and it was onions. I ate three tiny bits which bubbled up inside me and then sent the BP high as I got rid of it. Feb 2013 it was bananas that sent it very high. I am very concerned I might have a stroke as it goes high on suddenly not wanting what I have. Most of it is intolerances may be built up over years. Was given soya milk on prescription. Dietary troubles are proven medically apart from the latest soya etc. Have asked to be referred to an immunologist. Have also asked for an ultrasound on the pancreas as it does not put forth the enzymes I need. as I can’t have much fat I am also concerned about Vit A, D, E and K getting into the body. Can’t even have any antiarthritis pills or painkillers cos of proven allergic reactions.
BP going up cos of food reactions. I know the BP can go up on eating the wrong foods……Trying to find it in medical books. [I have a PhD for immunology, ND HD HMD etc


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