High blood sugar levels and blurred vision

Patient: Hello.. I have recently been released from the hospital after suffering my 2nd bout of pancreatitis in the past 5 years. While at the hospital they were conserned with my blood sugar lvl’s and informed me I have diabetes. Up until now I have had no family doctor but I have found one and made my first appointment which is 1 week away.. I have also purchased a One Touch blood glucose monitor and have been testing myself daily since leaving the hospital. Over the past 2 days I have been getting very high results 14+ and today 18.1 I thought perhaps this was a mistake so I also tested my son, who gets a normal result of 4.8 Besides the very high results I also have some very blurry vision, but aside from that I feel fine. I realise these results are extremely high and am very conserned on what I should do between now and my next week when I get in to see my new doctor.

Doctor: Your high blood sugar levels in addition to symptoms of blurred vision warrant urgent medical care. High blood sugar lev els or fluctuating blood sugar levels can affect the lens of the eye, causing it to swell and shrink, and often result in fluctuating and blurred vision. Diabetes can also have several effects on the back of the eye (retina), usually with prolonged exposure to uncontrolled blood sugar levels. I would advise phoning your family doctor for an emergency appointment, explaining your symptoms. You will require treatment for your high blood sugar most likely in the form of tablets, referral to a dietician and follow-up with an optometrist to monitor for eye complications associated with diabetes.