High Body Fat Despite Exercise and Diet

Patient: Hi there,I am a 20 year old female that lost weight about a year and a half ago from healthy eating, and exercise. I went from 147lbs at 5’3 to about 123lbs from Feb 2010 to August 2010. However for some reason my body still has large amounts of fat especially my belly and I am unable to lose it. I have tried EVERYTHING! Done cardio, tried weights and resistence, I eat healthy 24 7, around 1500-1600 calories day and exercise 6 days a week and my weight stays the same which is fine but the fat on my body is not leaving no matter what. I’ve even done HIIT exercise and still nothing helps. Are there medical problems as to why this may be the case? Because I’m tired of being told to simply exercise and eat healthy when these have been exhausted! please offer some advice. The amount of fat on my belly is not normal for someone who exercises and eats healthy, I have more fat on my belly than women who;ve just had babies and it is really bringing me down! Please help!!!!! I’ll enclose a picture of belly to get an idea of what I mean!