High Eosinophils from food allergy?

Patient: I have a very severe upper abdominal pain after eating certain foods. If I force vomiting the pain goes away and I am left with a dull ache. This condition happens about 2-4 months after I deliver a child and lasts about 8 months if I eliminate foods I feel are triggers. Steak and breads. My last attack was horrible so I went to my GP within 18 hours. He did a cbc and discovered my Eosinophils were 43% did another draw 2 days later they were 22% four days after that they were down to 15%. In December when I had my last child they were at 0.7% I saw an allergist who said he didn’t think it was an allergy and suggested a hemotolist and gastro doc. I had a negative HIV test in december as well since some sites suggest that as a possibility. My actual question is could a severe food reaction cause my EOS to raise that high and is the fact that they are coming down a good sign. If it were something more serious such as lymphoma or hodkins or intestinal parasites would those numbers go down without treatment? He said the rest of my numbers look good.