High pottasium level in blood: Causes and treatment

Patient: Cause and treatment for high pottasium in blood

Doctor: Hyperkalemia ie high pottasium levels in the blood more than 5.o mEq/l is caused due to various factors . Some of them a re1) Factitious hyperkalemia : due to sample hemolysis and breakdown of the cells.2)increased intake of potassium through diet , tabs, or iv fluids3) Increased cellular release of K : like in insulin deficiency, tumor lysis, drugs like beta blockers etc4) Decreased excretion: Renal failure, etcThe treatment depends on the symptoms and K levels. Acute treatment is needed if ecg changes are present along with symptoms. The mainstay of treatment is to stop k intake, increase the loss of k through the urine and protect the heart. The medications used for the same are calcium gluconate, regular insulin and bicarbonate and also beta agonist like ventolin and diurectics like furosemide.

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