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High prolactin level

Patient: I have high prolactin , but my tumor already disappeared . Since 3 years I am taking cabergolin andBromocriptine BT still my level are not under normal .It keeps on fluctuating how long will it take to come back to normal



Symptoms: Galactorrea and irregular menses



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Microprolactinoma is a small sized pituitary tumor which se crete prolactin in larger quantities.Usually medical treatment with dopamine agonists can cure this condition.But sometimes it may take longer periods for the treatment.As you are having persist elevated prolactin levels, you have to rule out factors like:Thyroid hormonal abnormalities and kidney function abnormalities, which can affect prolactin levels.Medicines like antidepressants can increase prolactin levels.Recurrence of prolactinoma etc.So, please discuss these things with your doctor and plan management accordingly.Take care

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Patient: Thank you so much doctor for your help.
But I am taking medicine regularly so then also there is a chance for the recurrence of microprolactinamea

Patient: How long does it take to come back to normal if your tumor has disappeared

Patient: Is it a reason to worry


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