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High PSA Levels After Physical

Patient: Hello I had my physical yesterday and my PSA levels were 54.82 ng/mL and I was wondering what my risks of having prostate cancer with that number and what could that number possibly mean.



Doctor: Hi.Thanks you for your query.Read and understood your high PSA levels of 54.82.There are many reasons for high PS A, prostate cancer is one of them.Your mentioning of your age and the symptoms and any further investigations would have helped me a lot.I would advise you the following:Clinical evaluation and an actual physical examination including per-rectal digital examination by an Urologist or a General Surgeon are very important.Ultrasonography of the whole abdomen and scrotum.FNAC/core biopsy of the suspected area in the prostate would be diagnostic.I hope this answer helps you, please give feedback after all tests are done.



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Patient: I Take blood pressure meds, dont know if that has something to do with it amlod/benazepril

Doctor: I think the BP medicines can not increase PSA so much.
Go fr an early diagnosis as suggested .


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