High risk for trisomy defects?

Patient: Hello. i am a 24 yr old and currently 14w5d. during my fts at 13w i was told that they fetus was only measuring 12w3d and my dr called and told me i have 1:10000 for t-21 but 1:5 for t-13 and 18. i was also told my papp-a and hcg levels were very low …about a tenth of what they should be… and that the fetus is not thriving. i am going to be setting an appt for the amino for next week. but they keep telling me that even if those results come back neg that i will still be high risk for a miscarriage due to the levels. im just very confused and need some more answers.what are my true risks if the amino comes back neg? and is there anything we can do?