High temperature, back/side pain, need to urinate.

Patient: My husband started to feel unwell at 2pm today^(over 6 hours ago). he had a temperature of 38.5, back and side pain. He took 2 Neurofen Zavance 3.5 hours ago, 2 Panamax 3 hours ago and has eaten. His temperature has come down to 37 but he needs to urinate frequently, although he is not able to urinate much.

Symptoms: Temperature, back/side pain, frequent need to urinate

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to Ask The Doctor.You may be suffering from a UTI. An UTI occurs due to some infection of the urin ary tract. Since you have several symptoms, I recommend that you consult a Urologist.The Urologist will check urine and blood samples to reach a diagnosis. He will then start you on therapy of antibiotics and Paracetamol for fever.