High Temperature not Possible from Nightmares

Patient: Can a child get a high temperature from a nightmare. my child has had a nightmare and he now has a temperature of 38.4 c and i do not know whether to give him paracetamol

Doctor: Hello, I understand your concern about fever in your child. In my opinion, it is very improbable for a child to develop fever due to a nightmare. Usually a viral infection is the most common cause of fever in pediatric patients.If the temperature is still high, physical methods such as baths with lukewarm water and placing humid compresses on his forehead or under his armpits could help reducing his temperature.You could also give him children’s Tylenol if the fever persists or combine it with the physical methods for better results. If more than 2 days have passed and the fever does not remit, a visit to the pediatrician would be recommended to rule out viral or bacterial infections and give him the right treatment for it. I wish him a prompt recovery.