High TSH after abortion

Patient: HiMy wife underwent an abortion around 5 months ago. She recently got an ultrasound scan done and doctor told her she has high Thyroid Stimulating Level (TSH), there is some kind of ovarian cyst and she has also been getting low menstrual flow since the abortion, although periods come on regular intervals. Are these symptoms normal or is there anything to get worried?

Symptoms: Low Menstrual flow, high TSH level and ovarian cyst

Doctor: High TSH is suggestive of a low level of thyroid hormone also known as hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism leads to irregular periods, scanty or heavy blood flow, easy fatiguability, intolerance to cold, breathlessness etc. The lack in thyroid hormone in the body leads to anovulatory cycles (absent ovulation). This often results in cyst formation as a result of fluid accumulation in the unruptured eggs. If the ovarian cyst is of a simple type and is less than 6 cm, no treatment is needed for the same.The treatment of the hypothyroidism is thyroxine hormone replacement as per the levels of the TSH. I suggest that you consult with a physician or an endocrinologist regarding the same and get your wife’s thyroid levels corrected.