Higher Blood Glucose After Pregnancy? No Gestational Diabetes

Patient: Hello, I have a question about blood glucose levels. I had a baby 3 months ago and recently had blood work done for my yearly physical from my GP. Cholesterol, organ function, etc, were all great. However, my fasting glucose was 96, which is substantially higher than it has ever been. I did not have gestational diabetes, and my OB was actually very pleased with my glucose tolerance test. Ironically, I also got a 96 on that, after drinking tons of glucose. My GP says my 96 fasting glucose is in the “normal” range, but I am concerned. I do have a family history of diabetes (father and grandparents), which is another concern. My question is….could my glucose be temporarily elevated because of my recent pregnancy? I gained approximately 30 pounds, and have lost a little over 20 of those pounds since giving birth. I am also exclusively breastfeeding. I also had 1 IceBreakers sugar free mint before the test, without thinking about it. Is it typical for fasting glucose levels to be higher than usual after having a baby, and can I expect them to return to what is “normal for me”, or will they always remain this high? Did the mint raise my levels? Am I on the way to developing diabetes? Thanks for your time!