Higher right shoulder and shoulderblade

Patient: Hi, I’m a 13 years old boy that recently found out that my right shoulder and shoulderblade are resting higher than the left shoulder and shoulderblades. I read that if you have right shoulder and shoulderblade higher than the left ones and you’re right-handed (which I am), you should see a doctor. (Btw, it doesn’t really hurt, but I have a limited movement on the right arm and it looks kinda “wrong”, if you know what I mean and I’m doing weight lifting, so things are just making it worse :'( ) So I did. And then he said it was nothing to worry about and it was normal because I’m from an another country?! I didn’t even bother to argue with that “doctor” after I heard that, so what should I do?? Thanks for the help 🙂 and sorry for this loooong text… (sorry.. again..)

Symptoms: Doesn’t actually hurt.