Hii ended up the relationship with my bf todayhe hurted

Patient: Hi.i ended up the relationship with my bf today….he hurted me a lot…he crossed his limits and despite me saying nt to do so he kept on rubbing my vagina with clothes on mine as well his…bt i felt a lot of wet inside my underwear plus a lil pain in vagina since then….i ended up this relationship bcz it was giving me nthng else than disrespect and stress……is there any any risk of pregnancy thru this activity of love he tried to make??? plus kisss huggsss and lying abve me with clothes on… plz help me out. thnx a ton. do i need to worry…?? Why men desire nthng else than a body?? is true lv nthng in d world?? do i dont own any respct?? ­čÖü plz help.