Hip Allignment Problems

Patient: Hello, When I was a baby I was told that i had problems with the muscles in my legs and they were not strong enough to help me walk. I cannot remeber the treatment i had but in the end i was walking normally. Only since i can remember i have suffered from lower back pain, hip pain, and leg pain. if i walk longer then an hour a have severe pain in my hips and legs and sometimes i cannot get out of bed. i also have pain when trying to jog orrun. I recently had some physiotherpy for my lower back pain and the physio told me that my hips were not in the correct place. Could this be the reason for my problems? and is there any operations i could have?

Doctor: An operation is not an option in this case.I do not know your complete medical history but from what I understand is t hat you have a condition that makes your muscles weaker than someone else’s. Your muscle experience fatigue more easily and there may be some question as to postural alignment of the spine and hips.You only have one option. The option is a lifetime program of strength an stretching of your major muscle groups.  This is something that will have to be done on a regular, near daily basis.  Results are usually seen within 3 months but without maintenance of a strength and stretching program, results will quickly diminish.The program can usually be created and monitored by physiotherapists, chiropractors and personal trainers.  They may also suggest orthotics for pain management and this is also a reasonable addition to the fitness regime.I hope this helps. Good luck.