Hip pain in a 14 years old runner

Patient: I am 14 and i run track and play football. ever since the previous track season witch was last year right around this time my hip area has been hurting after i run.this has gotten worse this track season. i thought it was my hip flexors but i am not sure. when i run my hand along where the pain is i feel two little bumps. please help me out.

Doctor: There are 2 possible causes for your pain in the hip: Iliotibial band friction syndrome (tendinitis) or a Hip Bursitis; ; either one is a common cause of pain in runners, military personnel and cyclists. Both are overuse or repetitive stress kind of injuries, usually treated successfully with conservative measures. You can take NSAIDs (“Advil”, “Aleve”) to control pain and the associated inflammation and also use a physical therapy program, but the most important is revising your training routine, if you have increased duration or intensity, is the running surface appropriate?, your footgear is adequate?. Try to avoid the activities that cause pain or discomfort, this will allow you enough time to heal. Local ice massage is useful; apply in the painful area for no longer than 15 minutes. Make sure that in the future : you do adequate warm-up and cool-down maneuvers (crucial to proper tendon and bursae health). Avoid activity that makes your injury flare up. This will speed healing of both tendinitis and bursitis. A great majority of bursitis cases heal well. Just have to be patient and consistent with the treatment.