Hip/Side Pain after short runs

Patient: I have enduring high hip/side pain on my left side for days after even short runs of 3 miles or less. I have been running these distances several times a week for a couple of years and this pain has only arisen in the last month or so. What is it and how can I fix it so I can run again?

Symptoms: Pain in my left side after I run. The pain seems to be focused at the high edge of the iliac bone but is a few inches wide and feels deep.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read an understood your history and concerns.You have pain at the high edge of the ilia c bone, it is is deep, few inches wide on the left side and after short runs of 3 miles or less. You have been running for couple of years, but the pain has arisen for the last month or so.Such pain can occur due to the following reasons:If the area of pain is same every time, this indicates that there may be a repetitive stress/strain injury. Running is causing the same stress/strain at the sore spot/area as the movements will be same and repeated. The next run causes it to get enhanced.Other possible cause can be a trauma of the iliac bone or so.To be on the safe side get an X-ray of the pelvic bones just to rule out any bony problems.I would also advise you to get a clinical evaluation, examination and investigations done by an Orthopedic Surgeon, get a proper prescription as per the findings and stop running till you get cured.I hope this answers your query and helps you.