Hit in forearm finger now weak and hurts to bend at top

Patient: Last night playing basketball I got elbowed in the forearm and I also felt pain in the top of my right ring finger. This morning the forearm feels better but the finger feels weak and hurts to bend at top. What is wrong and what happened?

Symptoms: Weakness in finger and hurts bending at top, bruising on the forearm

Doctor: Hi,Welcome to Ask The Doctor. Thank you for your query.It seems that you have injured the muscles in the forearm . The tendons when swollen can cause tightening of the finger. I recommend that you start RICE therapy. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.Rest – Rest the forearm and do not play basketball for a few days. Also, do not lift weight with the affected arm.Ice – Ice the forearm for 15 mins every hour and repeat for 5 times a day.Compression – Compress the affected area with Crepe Bandage to reduce the swelling. Do not tie the Crepe bandage too tightly to allow blood flow through the arm.Elevation – Elevate the arm that will allow the blood to flow back from the arm to the heart. This will reduce the swelling in the arm.You can also take some Paracetamol which will help reduce the swelling. Also, consult an Orthopedician if the pain does not reduce after 3 days.