HIV Negative but could I be HIV Carrier?

Patient: Hi Doctor, Around 11 months back, i had sex with an escort. I remember wearing a condom for the vaginal intercourse and while receiving oral sex from her. I did perform oral sex on her for 2 minutes or so. After this incident i wasn’t sexually active till this date. Today after 11 months of the incident i met a doctor and got tested for HIV. They took a blood sample and gave me the results after 20 minutes. These are the results Hbsag is Non Reactive HIV 1, HIV 2 is Non Reactive. VDRL is Negative. The doctor told me i tested negative but told HIV still could show up even around 10 years and i could be a carrier. Advised me to get checked again in the future, say in the context of a general health check up. I am confused. 1. Am i safe since i tested negative 2. Could i be still a carrier Kindly clarify my scenario.

Doctor: I would like to clarify a few of your doubts in regard to HIV testing. When a person has HIV infection, the body develop ops antibodies against it. The HIV test measures this antibody level. The accuracy of the test depends on the level of antibody in the blood. For most people it takes 6 weeks to 3 months for the antibody to develop. Getting tested before 3 months could result in an unclear test result. Most test centers recommend testing after 3 months and again at 6 months. It is extremely rare that a person takes more than 6 months to test positive and rather impossible to have an infection for 10 years and not be detected. You have mentioned that you have had no further risk of infection during this period, this makes your chances of being HIV positive very minimal.