HIV Oral Sex Risk

Patient: Hi Dr, I receiver a protected oral sex from as sex worker on the 24th of Jan, The condom was on all the time, and I did see blood in her mouth or on the condom. I was worried as I am planning to get married soon, so I had the following test: Hiv Combo AG/AB @ 16 days after the risk Hiv Antibody by Elisa @ 22 days Hiv combo AG/AB @ 31 days P24 test @ 45 days Hiv antibody @ 45 days Syphlis @ 45 days All the mentioned test were negative, Do I have repeat them as I had a mild fever and sore troth after 40 days of the risk. Please I need your opinion, I can not sleep can’t work can not live my life…. Thanks Dr,

Doctor: Various research studies have shown that young adults tend to be at higher risk of being infected by HIV, mainly through high risk activities such as: unprotected sexual intercourse (especially receptive anal), large number of sexual partners, previous or current STDs (Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Genital Herpes), sharing intravenous drugs paraphernalia, blood transfusions (before 1985 in US), mucosal contact with infected blood or needle-stick injuries, persons who exchange sex for money and/or drugs.In the infected individuals the highest concentrations of the virus are in blood, less in the semen and vaginal secretion. The virus does not spread through casual contact such as preparing food, sharing towels and bedding, or via swimming pools, telephones, or toilet seats. The virus is also unlikely to be spread by contact with saliva, unless it is contaminated with blood.In the view of your exposure to a high risk activity, and the symptoms that you are having now, I strongly recommend that you repeat the tests and this time get also the Western Blot as confirmatory.