Hiv risk? Please help

Patient: Dear doctor, 5 years ago I tried to use my HIV positive brother’s Wet brand lubricant to masturbate with. I know he had moved out of the house more than 3 months prior to me trying to use the lube. The day that I tried to use the lubricant, I put a pre lubricated condom on. I think I put the condom on wrong with the lubricant on the outside closest to touching my penis. The condom was too big for me so I took it off and then preceded to use the lube. I put a small droplet on my finger and I thought about what I was doing. I did not want to contract Hiv so I wiped the lube off on a blanket. I then preceded to use some of my own lotion to masturbate with. As soon as I started my Urethra burned like crazy. As I thought I had contracted hiv I got up and tried to pee “it” out. I was so terrified. Some years downthe line I was so scared that I had hiv and didnt want to get tested until december of 2013. My sister gave me the Ora Quick test and the C line showed a very very faint control line. There was no line on the T. Now I found out that she gave me the test wrong and only swabbed some of my top lip and then some of my bottom lip inside my mouth. To my understanding, she was supposed to swab all around which she did not. Recently my body started to feel weird. I feel tingly all in my legs constantly and I also had a stingy icthy buring sensation in my inner thighs. I also feel like little bugs are moving in my head. I am scared that I am Hiv positive. I am a Virgin, and Ive never did anything sexual outside of masturbation, and Ive never used drugs. The event happened when I was 13 and I am now 17 and worried to death. I just want to get on with my life. (I am a male