HIV / Sexually Transmitted Disease.

Patient: I gave oral sex to a prostitute (yes, disgusting) and I have gum problems. Can I get HIV?I asked her status and she said she doesn’t have it at all. I called her next day to confirm and she repeated it.Now it’s been 24 hours since it happened and I have a feeling of sore throat (beginning of a sore throat). Could I have acquired gonorrhea? Please help. Very tense.

Doctor: Thanks for your question . There are certain basic facts to remember-HIV can’t be judged and diagnosed by mere symptom s and sex with an infected person – is one the modalities of HIV transmission- be it oral, vaginal or anal , having oral sex the least risk and anal sex highest risk probability of acquisition of HIV and if there are open sores in the mouth and engage in oral sex , then there might be some risk , though not zero risk .You may consider for an HIV test just to buy peace of mind .Hope it helps.