HIV / Sexually Transmitted Disease

Patient: I gave oral sex to a prostitute (yes, disgusting) and I have gum problems. Then I had protected sex with her.Can I get HIV?I asked her status and she said she doesn’t have it at all. I called her next day to confirm and she repeated it that she ain’t got HIV.Now it’s been 24 hours since it happened and I have a feeling of sore throat (beginning of a sore throat). Could I have acquired gonorrhea? Please help. Very tense.If it’s gonorrhea, please suggest more symptoms I might see. And I have throat antibiotics; should I start?Note: I used a condom with her. I’m just worried that I gave her oral sex with my bleeding gums (Vaginal-anal) that I could have contracted something. Main worry is HIV.Exact feeling in throat is heavy and it feels inflamed when I swallow. Isn’t paining etc. yet.

Symptoms: Heaviness in throat, Feels inflamed when swallow

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting for an opinion.If you are not aware about the HIV status of the prostit ute you gave oral sex to and you have gum issues or bleeding gums , then there is a chance that if she is seropositive , she may transmit the virus through her vaginal fluids to you though the diseased gums and capillaries .The onset of sore throat within 24 hrs of oral sex indicate that your partner was suffering from possible vaginal bacterial or mixed vaginosis which can either be chlamydia or gonorrhoea. The symptoms are typical of acute onset pharyngitis with soreness, pain, inflammation and redness and often fever and difficulty in swallowing due to infection of tonsils. Hence it is suggested that you may visit your physician for a throat swab culture to isolate the causative organism and then according to the isolate report , be it chlamydia or gonorrhoea, antibiotics like Tab azithromycin 1000 mg stat may be taken and tab tinidazole 500mg twice a day respectively.However these medications have to be prescribed by your physician and not available otc.Thirdly , the HIV cannot manifest itself as sore throat so early as it infects the CD4 cells which deal with immunity so unless the CD4 count goes down, HIV induced opportunistic infections may not manifest. the earliest the HIV virus can be isolated is after 3 weeks of contact with a RNA-PCR test, where viral Rna specific for HIV ,if detected in blood ,confirms HIV infection.It is advised that you may visit your physician and discuss the options available and take an informed decision.I hope i have addressed your concerns in detail,wishing you good health,regards