HIV, STD, swollen lymph nodes, CBC came back fine..

Patient: I have had these symptoms off and on for almost a year.. Been to several dr’s and they keep doing all these test and blood work and everything keeps coming back fine.. I had a CBC diff done that came back spotless. Mono, strep, meningitis, clahmydia all came back negative.. Im gay but ive never had anal sex.. My roommate said she got rash under her arms after we drank after one another… Im SO scared and SO confused.. Please help me…..

Symptoms: Swollen Lymph nodes (comes and goes) White spots on nails and under the skin of my hands, Nausea (occasionally), Congested nose, coughing up mucus, headaches, dermatitis, white flaky skin underarms

Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.Since you have had all the relevant tests for knowing the STD status, including HIV ther e is nothing to worry so much. The symptoms you described are most likely due to an acute viral infection and may not be an STD. It’s better to get a thorough body check up done by a physician and get started on a specific medication for your condition. Avoid unprotected intercourse and to be double sure get your partner evaluated for an STD.Consult a psychiatrist for counselling in case you get very anxious with this.Hope this helpedRegards