Hives when i chew and im on a new medication

Patient: So i have been chewing for about 2 years now, first grizzly and then Copenhagen for about a year. I hooked up with this girl who got hives when we kissed because i was chewing about 3 hours before that. she got better and i thought it was no big deal. The next day i was on a medication for ADHD that i am always on but they upped the dose. I used to take Concertia 54 mL and now i take concertia 72mL. I was fine all day until i went to the bathroom to chew and i looked up and i had hives all over my face and neck. Is this possible to develop an allergy to something i have been chewing for 2 years just over night? or is it just high blood sugar or something like that

Symptoms: Hives