Hiya i had a mirenna coil fitted bout 2 years

Patient: Hiya i had a mirenna coil fitted bout 2 years ago havent really had many problems wit it until recently i av been having alot of cramping in lower abdomen nd keep gettin very bloated i av been feeling nauseous also nd tender breasts also i no dese can all b side effects of mirenna coil although it quite uncomfortable nd painful at times i av never had my mirenna checked since i got it fitted nd worried it cud av moved i av luked for strings but i cnt find anything i had slight period bout month ago slight nd dark brown in colour plz cud do wit answers very uneasy

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I can understand your concern.You should consult a Gynecologist and get yourself examine d and see whether Mirena coil is in position or not.Meanwhile, you can employ a barrier method (condom) during sex to prevent pregnancy.You can use some antispasmodic drug for your pain.Brown discharge can be due to hormonal imbalance or due to infection.Hope it was useful.Regards