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Hiya, my nipples really hurt and it seems like I

Patient: Hiya, my nipples really hurt and it seems like I have a small purple spot on the bottom of my nipple, I was worried hopefully everything is fine bu I just wanted to make sure. I also have a lot of stretchmarks on my chest – bits of it is wrinkly and I am a female at the age of 21. I am not pregnant or had any sexual activity (virgin). I am not sure which category this comes under, so I have chosen breastfeeding – but please can you guys send this to the right department as this is for checking breasts.I want to make sure my breasts are fine.



Symptoms: Spot on my nipple (bottom), stretchmarks, and seems a bit wrinkly and small spots on my nipple.



Hiya, my nipples really hur...-1 Hiya, my nipples really hur...-1 Hiya, my nipples really hur...-1

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.On reading your detailed history and reviewing your images, we are of the opinion that there is some amount of inflammation around the nipples and the areola. This is causing a lot of pain and can even lead to fever.Kindly consider wearing loose fitting breast support preferably cotton ones until you feel better and the inflammation subsides. You can use vitamin E based cream for application to prevent nipple dryness or cracks. Ointments like nip care and nip moist are available over the counter, recommend you to be applied over the area. Kindly consult a general surgeon or a dermatologist for an examination and specific treatment.Meanwhile, drink plenty of water and consume anti-inflammatory agents to reduce the inflammation. Avoid hot fomentation to the breasts at present.This if left untreated can lead to severe mastitis and breast abscess.Kindly feel free to write back for further clarifications.Hope this helped.Regards

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Patient: Hello,
Thanks for you reply.
Well, my father has diabetes and nothing else. I also wear a sports padded bra. The inflammation around nipples/areola is that concerning? 🙁
Well, I know I have this purple spot under my nipple and when you touch it – it hurts!!! Are purple spots concerning or do they appear due to inflammation and rash? They also itch at times. (area around the breast and itself). Thank God I have not have fever. Do you know a specific vitamin E cream that I could purchase from the counter, I am in the UK.
I was so concerned as when I type these symptom in google it always or often states “BREAST CANCER” and that scared me. Hence, I thought the best thing to do would be to contact you guys.
I hardly drink any water – with anti-inflammatory agents do you have any specific ones that I should take?
Avoid hot fomentation – can you give examples please?
OMG I am worried, it can lead to mastitis and breast abscess? I am worried what can I do from preventing this – please help – any creams or anything else. Also, there’s nothing else to be worried about is there from the pictures?
I also have exams coming – this is so stressful.
I look forward to you reply.
Best wishes,

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the reply.
The purple spots which hurt and itch present on the nipple could be a sign of an inflammation or an infection as we mentioned earlier.
Any vit E cream will help.
There is no need to worry about the chances of breast cancer as it does not look like a symptom of breast cancer.
Any anti inflammatory agent with serratiopeptidase will be helpful until you see a doctor.
There is nothing to be stressed about. Everything has a treatment and remedy.
It is recommended that you see a doctor for an examination and specific medications.
Hope this helped.


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