Hoarseness of voice

Patient: Hi, My mom is in her mid 50s. SHe has an artificial valve in her heart which was planted 15 years ago. She also had high blood sugar levels. Recently she has been having a hoarse voice without any apparent reason(like cold ,cough, sore throat,swollen lips,tongue etc) The docyors in India diagnosed it as sticking of the vocal cords due to high blood sugar and have given her some medicines and recommended speech therapy. I would like to know your diagnosis on this situation. ALso, is there something more to it that I should be worried about?

Doctor: There are many conditions with hoarseness as a symptom. Very rarely diabetes mellitus may cause a problem with the vocal cords which presents as hoarseness. The other, more common causes should be ruled out before this diagnosis is made.More common causes of hoarseness are laryngitis, excessive coughing, vocal cord nodules, laryngeal cancer and acid reflux.