Home tests came back negative but hole in condom

Patient: Hello.Well me and my boyfriend had sex about a week ago. There was a hole in the condom. We didn’t know at the time. Now I’m having stomach pain-My left side has some pain. And in my stomach it feelings like everything is moving around. We did have a scare last month when my period was a week late at the end of the month. I’m pretty regular. But the home tests came back negative so we didn’t worry.Hope I can get some answersThanks

Symptoms: Stomach pain-pressure and pain

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Your query is not very clear. What I understand is you were scared of a probable pregnancy la st month because your period came a week late and it was at the end of the month. Your periods are regular. Since the home pregnancy tests came negative you did not worry. This cycle about a week ago you had sex with your boyfriend and unknowingly used a condom which had a hole, now at present you are having stomach ache on the left side is it right, if yes, then probably this pain you are experiencing could be an ovulation pain. Stomach pain is a common symptom for many medical problems therefore to pinpoint the reason for a stomach pain is difficult. Since you had sex one week prior, you may be just safe even though the semen would have leaked from the condom. But we cannot rule out a possible pregnancy totally. If ovulation had taken place earlier & there is semen contact through vagina, there are possibilities of a conception. Go for a home pregnancy test if you miss your period i.e. after 7 to 10 days after the date of your expected menstrual cycle.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.