Honeymoonitis and frequent yeast infections

Patient: I get a UTI every time I have sex with my fiance – he’s my first and only partner. Problem is, I am very prone to yeast infections – I get them AT LEAST once a month and have since I was in high school – so the antibiotics can cause them too. I asked my doctor about my yeast infection problem and she basically told me tough luck. I discovered a few days ago that I’m also VERY allergic to AZO. What can I do?

Doctor: Yeast infections are pretty common in young women. If you are getting them too often then i would advice you to get chec ked for diabetes as having the same can make you more susceptible to these infections. In terms of UTI againt they are common especially in sexually active females. Ways to prevent the same are urination before and after sexual intercourse, daily intake of cranberry juice and wiping from front to back always.Also keep yourself hydrated and drink a lot of water as that helps flush out any infection.  There are other vaginal creams that you can use like canesten which will help for the yeast infection. All the best.