Hormonal effects on depression

Patient: I took a liver enyzme and hormone test. The lab that reported the results wrote some notes regarding the seemingly bad nature of the results. When I questioned the physician who I went to, to take the test, he seemed a bit clueless and told me everything was fine.I’m a 30 year old male and here are the results the tech made note of:DHEA, SULFATE, SERUMDHEA SULFATE, SER 164 LREFERENCE RANGE: 280-640UNIT: ug/dLESTROGEN, TOTAL 116 PG/MLREFERENCE RANGE: 130 OR LESSASL (SGOT) 58 H [8-42] U/LALT (SGPT) 109 H[7-40] U/LTESTOSTERONE 299 [250-1500] ng/dlHEMOGLOBIN 17.9 H[12.0-17.8] g/dLHEMATOCRIT 53.8 H[36.0-52.0] %I’d like to know what this means and what kind of impact it could have on depression

Doctor: Firstly, be assured since all your lab report are within normal range. So you need not worry. These hormones and enzymes in normal range do not affect you or related to depression status. But out of depression, due to lack of appetite and food intake, liver enzymes might be altered. You are advised to visit a psychiatrist for further treatment to avoid complications of depression.