Hormonal imbalance.. anemia

Patient: Hello i am Shreya. I am 21 year oldthere are many queries related to sex and my menstrual cycles.Last month i got my periods on 27th Dec. I had unprotected sex with my fiance on 4th jan and he had ejaculated near my vagina and immediately i took an ipill. and on 10th 11th and 12th of jan i had a light vaginal blood discharge means lower than normal periods.Today it is 28th dec. and i still dint get my periods.what should i do next?can i be pregnant?when should i expect my periods?can i be HIV affected?can u please tel me the root cause for HIV?how can i get my periods soon?in future can i get pregnant?I have anemia too

Symptoms: None

Doctor: HelloThanks for the querySince you had a history of unprotected intercourse and taken an I pill, the bleeding could be a side effect of the pill.The pill may delay cycles or even prepone them, flow being reduced or increased, in your case looks like periods are getting delayed. There is a slight possibility that the pill may fail in action to prevent a pregnancy , keeping this in mind as it was an unprotected intercourse, we need to rule out pregnancy as your cycles are also delayed. Kindly consult a gynecologist and get a pregnancy test done to rule out the same. In case you are not pregnant you may wait for one week for cycles to resume. In case, it does not the doctor will repeat the pregnancy test if negative then give you hormones to cause withdrawal bleeding which will resume the cycles. The possibility of contracting a HIV is through unprotected intercourse with an affected partner or contact with blood of an infected person by injections, mucosal contact, blood transfusion, etc. You have chances of the same, only if your partner has been infected.There is no reason that this I pill or the intercourse may come in the way of you getting pregnant. Anemia can be corrected with iron supplements and blood transfusion if neededHope this helpedRegards