Hormone imbalance or possible pregnancy?

Patient: So according to my little app. AF was suppose to start on the 27th to my surprise I woke up on Saturday(the 23rd) and had some dark brown spotting on my panties put on a liner and went about my day that night hubby and I made love and I when done I noticed there was a little blood on the sheet not bright red just pink so I figured AF showed up a littler earlier washed up put on a pad changed the sheets and went to bed. still had a little brown spotting but Monday came and it had stopped no spotting/bleeding nothing! Iuntil last night we made love again and again when finished there was blood this time a dark red and enough that ran a little down my leg. This morning expecting to wake up with a appearance from AF and cramps there was nothing. I did test yesterday and it was negative.

Symptoms: Absent period, and spotting after intercourse.

Doctor: Premenstrual spotting is experienced by most women at some point in their lives. Most likely and in view of the fact tha t you tested negative for a pregnancy, premenstrual spotting seems to be the likely reason for this intermittent bleeding.A lot of conditions such as stress, weight changes, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, thyroid disorders, polycystic ovaries etc. may lead to hormonal imbalances resulting in intermittent bleeding/spotting befor the periods. Spotting generally lasts for two or three days and is followed by a more heavier period. There is nothing to worry about your symptoms if this stops after you get your period. If however, you continue to have spotting post intercourse even after your period it could be a sign of some more ominous conditions such as cervicitis, cervical growths, vaginitis, sexually transmitted infections etc.For the present, just observe your cycle and chart the days on which you get spotting. If you feel the spotting has no relation to your periods and just occurs post vaginal intercourse, then consult a OBGYN consultant regarding the same for a complete examination. If not, then this is mostly a transient hormonal imbalance and your cycles will go back to normal in a couple of months.