Horrible lower back and hip pain and swelling

Patient: Hello I am a 31 year old female I recently (about 2 months ago ) I had a fall I was carrying a 10lb bucket full of ice and hit a wet spot both feet flew out from under me I hit all my weight on my hip and but cheek left side. I seen stars well I have no insurance so I couldn’t go to the er I was sore for a few days bad then I had just a little lower back pain well about a month ago I started having what I thought was female stuff like a small cyst or something was what the pain reminded me of in my groin well the I started having trouble sleeping due to bad back pain and hip pain last week on tue it got so bad I was miserable now besides the spasms in my back my hip is killing I have shooting pains down my inner thigh and outer thigh feels like electricity and pain then on wen I had my first run in with numb toes and shin area well last night my thigh and hip has gotten so bad it’s swollen painful bad can’t put hardly any weight on it it’s weak I called er they said I needed MRI and they wouldn’t do it in er visit I needed a reg doc to make that appt I have no money for that whatdo I do