Horrible pain

Patient: I know I have a Urinary tract infection that went into my kidneys from when i went into the hospital. They gave me antibiotics ut I didnt finish them.I took then for like 4 days and i was suppose to for 10days.Its been one month since then and its gotten so worse with the pain frequent urination nausea and vomiting.I know i need to be seen to get antibiotics ut cant get a ride to the doctor for a walk in and apointments are full for a long time.I have a class i cant miss or i will not have an income and i have a 3 year old so i cant mess my income up. No absents are approved unless its job related.Idk what I should do what can happen if it takes me awhile to be able to get into a doctor?How severe is this so i know if i have to get into the doctor no matter what. The pain is starting to get really bad.Oh yeah and my period started 2 weeks late and since i started today the pain has gotten worse is that normal to have with utis and being on your period?

Symptoms: Frequant urination,Back pain, Abdominal pain,Nausea,Vomiting,foul color of urine