Hospital procedure in the case of a delirious patient

Patient: Hi! I’m here to ask questions as a writer, not a patient. I would very much appreciate your help. I’m writing a novel in which the main character (who is 50) finds out, after an illness lands her in the hospital, that she is pregnant. She is brought into the hospital delirious, feverish, headachy, coughing and dehydrated. I had thought that when the team examined her in the emergency room, they discovered her pregnancy. But really, would there be any reason for them to check? How might this condition be discovered? And would a sonogram be performed once her condition was verified? Or might that be the way they found out about the pregnancy to begin with?The hospital ends up keeping her overnight, as she is completely out of it. I assume they would have her on a drip of some sort to rehydrate her? (What sort of drip?) and that they would give her something for the pain (Tylenol??) and something for the cough (syrup…what if she was too out of it to take the syrup?) And if they kept her around for observation, would they they probably order another (or the first) sonogram?Any help is much appreciated.

Symptoms: Headache, cough, lung rattle, delirium… pregnancy!