Patient: On Monday I had unprotected sex around 12pm. I showered before, not after until the next morning. I immediately got Next Choice: One Dose and took it around 10:30am. The next day I was fine. On Wednesday my vaginal area started to burn and I felt I had to pee a little more often. Then today on Thursday I had to pee constantly, very little came out. Towards the end of the day it became painfully burning to pee and remained constant. Then blood started to appear. I don’t know if its from my urine, or my dryness cause my wiping a lot from using the restroom a lot. I don’t have inflammation on my vaginal area or sores or bumps or itching. I believe I have a UTI. When a doctor takes a urine sample for a UTI, will they know what it was caused by(New soap, sexual intercourse, cleaning the area incorrectly, etc.)? Could there be another explanation for my burning?