How can I control my allergy symptoms?

Patient: Im constantly stuffy sneezing, having runny nose, stopped up. I deal with allergies every day of my life there is rarely any relieve. I have been on so many medicines and nothing has changed. I have basically given up on the medicines because they aren’t working for me. Why is it that I have to deal with allergies everyday of my life. I have been to doctors the give me meds but they still don’t work I have even tried counter the counter medicines and things are still the same.

Doctor: Allergy symptoms can be really annoying. Some individuals have stronger allergic tendencies compared to others. Avoidanc e of allergy triggers is also essential in the treatment. Medications may help but the symptoms will always reappear if the triggers are not avoided. Make sure your pillows are hypoallergenic and clean; accumulated dust triggers allergic reactions. The house and room should be clean and almost dust-free to minimize allergy symptoms. Carpets and rugs are common household items wherein dust accumulates; make sure these are cleaned regularly. Pet danders can also cause allergies. If you are living in a country with four seasons, taking nasal spray a few weeks before spring may help control allergy symptoms; spring is the season where flowers start to bloom; pollen from flowers can be inhaled and cause allergies. It is also better to use the nasal spray for the entire spring and summer (everyday), with or without symptoms. I do hope this helps and take care always..