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Patient: I have been married for 13 yrs. The Wife and I have a loving relationship. The downfall I have always had is the problem of being very easly stimulated. Erections happen very quickly during intercourse; Leaving my Wife frustrated and me apaulogetic. My lasting time is about 3 min – 5 most. I would like to know what my options are to help me last longer. Are there any drug sulutions? I want to make my wife happy in the bed room as I do out of the bed room. – thank you for your time

Doctor: Ejaculation problems may have affected most men at one point in their lives. Before starting any drugs, you may want to start with natural methods first. Controlling your anxiety or extreme excitement before or during sex might help. Try to plan what you want to do beforehand and explore foreplay. You can also try masturbating without lubrication. If this will work, then try masturbating with lubrication. Then you can probably masturbate with visual aids (adult magazines, then porn later). This gradually increasing visual stimulation will help aid in controlling your urges to ejaculate and maintain erection longer. Once you have already managed to sustain an erection, you can try the start-stop method. Try to masturbate until the time you are about to ejaculate then stop and control the ejaculation by thinking of things that are not stimulating. Other ways that can help are pelvic muscle exercises. Yoga will not only help reduce anxiety but will also decrease tension in the pelvic region. Kegel exercises are also helpful. It has also been studied that the missionary position (man-on-top) adds more tension on the muscles and is associated more with premature ejaculation. Spooning (side-to-side), doggy position (rear entry, both on knees), and woman-on-top positions are more effective in prolonging the excitement phase and delaying the ejaculatory phase. Desensitizing creams and use of condoms may also help.There are medications, actually antidepressants, that will delay the ejaculatory phase but you need a doctor’s prescription for that. I do hope I have appeased your concerns and take care always.

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Guest: Apart from your advise which might be helpful I have another problem during foreplay I get very hot and perspire a lot that I cannot carry on playing with my wife. Is thereanything I can do I am 73 yaers old.
Thank yo.

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