How can i fix this intamicy issue

Patient: My girlfriend is very tight. so tight that it hurts the both of us for me to get inside of her. i am a bit thicker than most but have never had this issue. it normaly takes 2-5 mins of struggling for me to get inside comfortably and i can only get in missionary. I was wondering what i could do to change this. ive tried dildos vibrators and a lot of forplay but nothing seems to work. Also after she cums… she gets very sore and cant have sex again without being in a lot of pain for a day or 2 is this normal

Doctor: I understand your concern about this matter. In my opinion according to your description, your partner might have a cond ition called Vaginismus.Vaginismus is an involuntary spasm of the muscles surrounding the vagina. This would cause penetration during sex to be difficult or impossible and also leave vaginal pain which is common during sexual intercourse or an attempted pelvic exam.A pelvic exam can confirm the diagnosis of vaginismus. A medical history and complete physical exam is important to rule out other causes of pain with sexual intercourse (dyspareunia). For the treatment extensive therapy that combines education, counseling, and behavioral exercises. Such exercises include pelvic floor muscle contraction and relaxation (Kegel exercises). The use of vaginal dilators might also help.