How can I lower my fever from 101 for three days

Patient: I have had a fever of 101 since Saturday (this is the third day). I’m assuming I have the flu and have been taking advil allergy and congestion relief. I have been coughing since Saturday and my chest is sore from that. I am drinking fluids and eating food. What can I do to get my fever down.

Symptoms: Coughing, fever, all around not feeling 100%

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor. You seem to be having a bacterial infection causing the cold. Allergic rhinitis may present with a running nose, excess lacrimation, sneezing,headache etc. You do not seem to be suffering from allergy and hence taking allergy med is of no use. Self medication is a complete no no and may cause more harm than good. I recommend a visit to the physician and getting a proper diagnosis and chest examination. A chest xray , Broncoscopy ,Laryngoscopy etc may help diagnose the condition along with a sputum culture and a complete hematological profile.Please do not assume your symptoms and start the treatment on your own. This may not only delay the diagnosis and make the treatment more complicated but may also lead to development of antibiotic resistant strain of bacteria.Hope this information was useful.