How can I manage or prevent my back pain?

Patient: I have been getting cramps in my back for a little over a year now. They feel like the ones you would normally have in your legs. I don’t know what would cause them and I have no way off making them stop.

Symptoms: Cramps in my back. spreads into my ribs. gets hard to breath

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The cramps you are experiencing in your back may be due to poor posture. This can lead to e xcessive strain on the muscles of the back, leading to cramps. You have not provided enough detail about your symptoms, so we suggest that you go to your doctor to have your back examined. You may need to undergo diagnostic imaging and to assist your doctor in elucidating the exact cause of these spasms. You may be prescribed muscle relaxants or have to undergo physiotherapy treatment to alleviate these cramps. Please see your doctor.Thank you for consulting